— AP MAKES LLC specialize in visual design, commercial digital photography, and creative consulting. Working in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.



print Design & commercial Photography



Food & Beverage Photography

Professional brand photography for print and digital media & marketing.

If your “award-winning” Philly Cheesesteak looks more like mountaintop removal, let’s chef up a juicy image library for your brand. Launch the food new menu with an exceptional digital campaign. Showcase your award-winning entrée on billboards and in-store displays. Gummies and dry flower should look amazing, man.


Packaging Design for Cannabis & Craft Beer

Bags, boxes, beer carriers, THC cartridges. Packaging should be dope, so let’s make dope shit. It’s simple: What do you want to package, and how much do you have? Let’s go.


Pour Over Coffee

Boil filtered water in a Hario Buono kettle. Upon boiling, rinse your Chemex filter; this simultaneously preheats the glass. Weigh your selected roast. With a a burr grinder, prepare the beans for brewing. Empty the rinse from the Chemex and deposit grounds to filter. Tare your scale and begin a 100g bloom. Proceed to desired volume of water to coffee (~16:1)

Print Production

Email your artwork, project details, and pay upon completion. Receive high-quality digital prints produced with care; a technician oversees your print job every step of the way. Delivery of your finished prints is free. Keep it simple and printing doesn’t suck anymore.